How to Cope with Dry mouth

Now, many of us don’t even realize how important our spit is. If you don’t have spit, you actually have something called xerostomia, which is often called dry mouth. Saliva is very important, and it’s a crucial part of keeping a mouth clean and healthy, since it will remove the food particles that are there, which will often lead to bacteria growth in a person. If you don’t have enough saliva, it will cause bacteria to flourish, and this not only causes bad breath, but a slew of other health problems as well, such as tooth decay, infection, and even loss of a tooth, which isn’t good for you.

Dry mouth is caused by internal, but also external factors as well, such as your salivary glands not working right, and also dry mouth being caused by prescriptions as well. Some prescriptions cause this, including ones for blood pressure, pain, and allergies. Radiation and chemotherapy also cause dry mouth too, and it’s one of the common side effects.

Now, there are many ways to fix this. If it’s caused by a glandular issue, or even a medication issue, you can talk to your doctor and either get a medication to alleviate these issues, or even just get onto a different medication that can help change your mouth state.

Now, there are also lifestyle choices that you should be considering as well, and here are just a few to keep in mind.

The first, is to sip water and drinks that don’t contain sugar, especially during meals. Try to make sure that you get enough water for best results. When it comes to what you shouldn’t be drinking, avoid the ones that are sugary, or have acids in them, such as sodas or alcohol, since both of these cause problems.

If you need to produce more saliva, try chewing some sugarless gum. Don’t have the stuff that contains sugar, since often this actually dries out the mouth more, and gives the bacteria in your mouth something to eat.

If you do use tobacco or smoke, start to not use it. this dries out the mouth super fast, and if you have a lot of this, this will in turn cause your mouth further problems, and it could lead to cancers as well.

When it comes to alcohol, try to avoid it, or have water around you during consumption. This is actually good for you period, since alcohol dries out the mouth pretty quickly, and you would be surprised at how easily this happens. Also, look at the mouthwash you’re using too, and try to straw away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol, since it will in turn cause your mouth to further dry out.

If you do love salty and spicy foods, start to limit your intake of this. Yes, spicy food is actually pretty good for you, but the problem is, if your mouth is already pretty dry, this can cause problems, so watch out for this.

At night, if you need to, use a humidifier. Dry rooms often are a huge cause of this problem, so if you use a humidifier, you’ll be able to help circulate the air, and get more moisture into there, along with not drying out the room.

Finally, breathe through your nose and not your mouth. This is harder than you’d think, but it’s totally possible for a person to do.

If you follow these steps, along with brushing and flossing, and seeing your denTIst, you can kill bad breath, leaving it as nothing in its tracks. These lifestyle changes might be a lot, but if you do maintain this, you’ll be able to truly garner success with it, and you’ll be able to do a whole lot.

This article discussed bad breath. We all have it at some point of our lives, and it’s important to notice it. It can be embarrassing, and rough for a person to take care of, but dry mouth and making sure that your mouth is full of saliva can be super helpful for you, since it actually prevents tooth decay from happening, and it can keep your teeth looking nice and healthy too.